As followers of Jesus Christ, we do our best to live out  our calling

with sincerity of hearts, with compassion and mercy.  As Methodists, we do our best to follow  John Wesley’s  "Three Simple Rules":
To Do Good, To Do No Harm, and To Stay in Love with God.
      As a congregation we make it our aim to serve others by doing good always, by seeking ways to eliminate harm, and by maintaining a loving relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The following are ministries of love, compassion and mercy:
Ongoing Contribution to the hungry: 

Non- perishable foods are accepted, and delivered regularly to a local food pantry in  the Greendale community for distribution to those in need.  For more information go to: 

MountianTop: Mission trips to Altamont Tennessee
Every October, we support a mission team to work among the poorest of the poor. The mission includes major home repairs, as well as distributing personal hygiene items, coats, shoes, mitten/gloves, scarves and hats.
For more information go to: http://mountain-top.org/

Divine Intervention - Tippeconoe  Presbyterian Church

We partner with Larry Under the Bridge, making sandwiches to feed hungry and homeless individuals. For more information go to: 


   "All must give as they are able, according to the blessings  given to them by the Lord your God." ~ Deuteronomy 16:17 (NLT)

                    Christ United Methodist Church


Thailand Methodist Mission

They minister to the poorest of children who are at risk being trafficked  into the sex industry. They also support seminary students and pastors, and plant churches across Thailand where

the Good News  of Jesus Christ is not yet heard or reached. 
           For more information go to: https://thailandnow.org

      ​Missionaries Mike and Sherri Morrissey

Fire International:

This mission organization provides financial support to rescue children/orphans. They  provide a safe place for these children have access to education, loving guardians, and spiritual care so they can grow up to  know that they are loved by God. 

For more information go to:  ​​https://fire-international.org/wier-beth

                             Beth Wier