Christ United Methodist Church 

"Growing in Christ through Faith, Love and Community"

Christ United Methodist Church, Friendly Welcoming people from Greenfield, Milwaukee, Greendale, Franklin, Oak Creek and nearby communities.

  I am married to my husband who is also a United 

    Methodist clergy.

   His name is Rev. Nhia Wahn Her and we have been

     married for about 25 years.  

  We have three children;

   A daughter, Zsong, who is 23 years old and currently

     working as a Pharmacy Technician.

   My oldest son, Moang, is 22 years old and is in college.

   My youngest son, Tzuh, is currently attending Greenfield

     Middle School.

   Originally, I am from Laos, but I am of Hmong ethnicity.

   My family came to this country in 1979.

   I was born into a Christian family and my desire to serve 

     in ministry started when I was very young.  

   I have been involved in ministry most of my life and in

      the past six years, I sensed a strong call to go into

     the ordained ministry.

  My answer to the call was not easy, but once I did so, I

     experienced a peace in my heart that I have never

     known before.

  I believe that God has prepared me all my life for what I

     do today.

  It is my prayer and desire that God will use me at Christ

     UMC to bring people to a closer relationship with God,

     and with one another.

  Relationship building and spiritual formation are very

     important to me.

  In order to carry out our ministry as a church, I believe

     that we will have to become a community where

     relationships are strong, and that we are being formed

     daily into the image of Christ.

  ​Thank you to all who have walked with me, comforted

     me and mentored me to be the pastor that I am today.​

  May God bless every one of you!

Rev. Mao Her, M. Div

   2013 - Present.