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5200 South 48th Street​ 

​​Greenfield, WI 53220



Christ United Methodist Church 

"Growing in Christ through Faith, Love and Community"

Christ United Methodist Church, Friendly Welcoming people from Greenfield, Milwaukee, Greendale, Franklin, Oak Creek, and nearby communities.

 Sermon Series

"GOD LOVES: Who Does God Love?"


   6th         "God Loves the Women"  by Pastor Mao Her

   13th       "God Loves the Homeless"  by Denise Edlund

   20th       "Enslaving Dreamers God Loves"  by Bishop Gerald Harris

   27th       "God Loves the Migrants"  by Steve Montgomery


   3rd         "God Loves the Criminals" by Pastor Mao Her

     We will be exploring the topic of loving those who the world thinks are not worthy

   of loving.  In our culture today, where there is so much blaming and shaming in

   the world and even in the body of Christ, how are Christians supposed to act

   toward the poor and marginalized people in our community?

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The Summer Growth Group Catalog is available HERE

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Sign up and have a great time!

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​   Sunday Service 10:15am to 11:15am

   The people of Christ United Methodist Church

    in Greenfield WI welcome YOU

   Sunday School for adults 9:00am to 9:45

   Refreshments 9:45am

   Sunday School for Children held during 

     church service starting at 10:15am.

​​Christ United Methodist Church

5200 South 48th Street​ 

​​Greenfield, WI 53220